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Supporting customers make better choices , National Customer’s Choice Annual Awards strives to make the general public aware of top-ranked  companies, products, brands, and service providers in various categories by conducting an independent market research survey that is statistically accurate. Through the recognition, the Awards aims to motivate these companies to continue raising the bar of excellence for the benefit  of the customers.



National Customer’s Choice Annual Awards recipients are not selected by a panel of judges, but are chosen by you… the customers.


Each year, customers to gather their opinions, perceptions, awareness and expectations regarding the companies, products, brands and services they choose on a daily basis. CONSUMER EYE MARKETING AND RESEARCH Council is mandated to conduct the customers and business surveys. The top-ranked businesses selected are awarded the National Customers’ Choice Annual Award. In addition to recognizing businesses with the National Customers’ Choice Annual Award, this organization also offers recipients the opportunity to further explore their exclusive status, with a variety of marketing initiatives.



National Customer’s Choice Annual Awards’ Logo is considered the “Seal of Excellence" used to identify only those businesses  and individuals who have been chosen as outstanding professionals, companies, products, brands and service providers.

Our Mission

1.  Provide customers a reliable resource to help guide, identify, select and contact a business based on their:





2.  Provide business owners a unique and highly effective marketing strategy that's designed to promote and recognize business excellence, and at the same time, generate new and significant business growth.

All award winners are rigidly screened the following process:


  • Market presence in Tri Media platforms determine the names of all the companies included in the market research names


  • In-depth brand reputation market research is conducted for each category


  • A scientific formula is used to analyze the results and the ranking of companies


  • The most outstanding service provider is awarded the “Top Ranked Winner” per category

Each Most Outstanding Business Award Recipient was nominated by local customers’ through our survey; then the results were compiled, sorted and confirmed. Before contacting any nominated business or professional, however, an extensive background search on the company was conducted as part of our selection process. The principal or officer of that company was later asked to participate in an assessment interview with a representative. Items ranging from years of experience to customer service procedures were discussed, and specific questions regarding the business' hiring criteria of its employees, insurance coverage status and any pending litigation against the company were also addressed.



Prior to Most Outstanding in Business designating a business as the recipient for a particular category, the final and most important step in its selection process is to research and discern an owner/operator's reputation in the community, based on a factual track record. Therefore, when you call any of our Most Outstanding  Business  Recipients to inquire about their respective services, know you can do so with assurance that these are businesses worthy of this notable distinction!

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